Weed in Poland

Weed in Gdansk

Know the laws about weed in Gdansk, Poland before you visit. Gdansk is a significant Polish city with a long and illustrious history that distinguishes it from other Polish cities. The city, which is located on the Baltic shore, is intended to be explored with a joint in hand, thanks to its magnificent German influence […]

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Weed in Krakow

Where to get weed in Krakow, Poland. Kraków is Poland’s second-largest city, yet it rivals Warsaw in terms of beauty. The city was founded in the seventh century and has an ancient and medieval feel to it. Unfortunately, cannabis in Poland is prohibited in, and Krakow is not one of Europe’s top marijuana destinations. Continue

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Weed in Warsaw

Where to get weed in Warsaw, Poland. If you’ve ever wanted to visit Warsaw, Poland’s capital, be prepared for a medieval city with distinctive Gothic churches and magnificent street art. These are just a few of the reasons why people get cannabis in Warsaw to smoke. Here’s a quick guide to buying and using weed

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